Essay Writing Forest

Forest conservation – The importants of wild life -wild life sanctuavies.
Forest are necessary to maintain the ecological balance .if we destroy
forests in order to build more houses and buildings and to improve our standred
of living ,we will soon find that it will soon find that it will be difficult for live .
When forest are destroyed , there will be less rain . More over there will be soil
erosion . The
land will became barren and food production will decrease rapidly . This will
result in famine , and many people will die . Thus our attempts to increase our
happiness will have just the opposite effect , if we do not learn to live in harmony
with nature .
The faclity of the soil depends on the plants. The humus produced
bydeomposing leves and plant make
the top soil very fulile.Thus plants prevent soil erosion by wind. By holding the
soil.Fimly togetere, the roots ofplants make to prevent water from flowing away
easily.The water that is thus retained seepi underground and will remain there
from where we can get it back during day periods.If there are no trees,rain water
falling on the land wash away gets deposited in river beds, the rivers become
shallow and fall to hold all the water reaching it. The surplus water spills over the
banks, and there will be floods. Thus cutting down of trees disturbs the water
cycle, which leads to floods, landslides and other natural disasters .
It is therefore absolutely necessary that we should preserve our forest.
Our country has only 19/ cent of its land under forest. .This is far below the ideal
requisite of thirty -three per cent of the land being under forest.
Wild animals live in forests. Princes and aristocrats used to hund wild animals
in olden days.As a result of indiscriminate hunding,many species of wild animals
are facing extinction. The wild life (protection) Act of 1972 bans killing of many
endangeed species like the lion, tiyee,the Indian shinaceros, the swamp deer and
the Indian elephant.The trade and export of tiger and panthereskin, rhino hom
and snake and crocordile skin is now prohibited. The Indian board for wild life
keeps a constant. vigil over the various programes of wild life conservation. A wild
life week is observed theoughout India from the first to the eighth of october
every year. The aim is to creat a greater awaeeness about the need for protection
of our wild life from extinction.
We have set up several national parks and wild life sancturies in our country to
protect various forms of wild life. a national park or a wildlifesanctury is an area of
forest which has been declared to be a national park or a wild life sanctury.killing
of wild animals and birds is prohibited within that area.there is a wild life sanctury
at puchi in kerela.                                



Dreams, Dreams, Dreams
Never stop ever dreaming
If search for honour and joy
If you wish succses in life
Go on working on your dreams
You may be lonely in your road
You may be better in your road
You may be dumb or blind in life
But you wish and long to be star
And it toil and long for that dreams
And you sure to charges on your seeks.
We all know lie of lincon.
Great edition marvel in science.
Abdul  kalam in science.
So deep in dreaming that never ever stop.
As ship moves a shour
Guided up by liquid house
let this stars light up your ways
let go on working towards Dreams.
                                          JITHIN MATHEW


A  hobby is the best form of  recreation to our mind and body. It  is an interesting activity of a person during his leisure time. It is very essential relaxation and to get amused during our free time. Hobbies help one to spend his leisure time profitably and pleasantly. A hobby gives pleasure and help us to earn money. Hobbies are of various kinds.
                        Gardening is my favorite hobby. It gives me a sense of joy, pride and pleasure. I have a beautiful garden in front of my house. Different kinds of flower plants and some vegetables are there in my garden. The flowering plants like roses, jasmine etc. and vegetables like pea, bitter gaurd etc.. For my plants and vegetables my father brings fertilizers, manures and seeds. I manure my plants suitably and water them daily. Every evening I spend an in my garden. Most of the flowers begin to blossom during night and a pleasant fragrance spreads everywhere. My hobby gives me mental and bodily relaxation. It also gives me pleasure and phisical exercise.

Proverbs and Maxims

Laughter is the best medicines
  • For a healthy body a mind is also necessary.
  • To keep the mind healthy we should behapy too.
  • A man laughs when he is happy. 
  • Conversely laughter makes him happy.
  • The mind and body acts on each other.Happiness is condencive to health.
  •  Thus laughter helps a man to remain healthy.
  • A sick man can recover his health quickly if he is cheerful .
  • Thus laughter is more effective than medicines in resulting a person’s health.
  •  That is why we say that laughter is is the best medicine. 



. My father laugh me to work, he did not teach me to love it.[ABRAHAM LINCON]
.All books either dreams or Sword, you can cut, you cut drug with words. [AMY LOWELL]
.It is always a silly thing go give good advice is absolutely fatal.    [OSCAR WILDER]
.A man in a passion rides a horse [BENJAMEN FRANKLIN]
.Charity is a dept of honor [IMMANUEL KANT]
.Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper. [FRANCIS BACON]
.The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel. [HURACE WALPOLES]
.Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body                            [SRI RICHARD STEELE]


A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they hate you.

*The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.

*Every night someone thinks about you before they go to sleep.

*You mean the world to someone.

*You are unique an special in your own way.

*When you thought the world turned your own way.

*Someone that you don’t know even exist, loves you.

*Always tell someone how you feel about them, you will fell much better when they know.

*If you have a great friend, take the  time to let them know that they are great.